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Fyfe Sails can order from Hyde Sails any type of mainsail to meet your personal needs from IRC handicap racers, custom built PHRF racers to one design
class racers.


Clipper Premium Mainsail

The Hyde Clipper Premium mainsail is designed to be the best sail that you can buy with a proven pedigree. It is using the best quality cloth and Hardware to
produce a that will get you across the world and back again.

Grand Prix Mainsail

The Hyde Sails Grand Prix range is designed for serious, no compromise racing either around the cans or offshore. Grand Prix fore and aft sails are available either as panelled sails with tri radial layout or in H5, the new Hyde Membrane system.

Hyde Membrane System Mainsail

Hyde Sails has announced the launch of its new Hyde Membrane System (H-ms), a new product that takes membrane sails to a new level.

Our cruising mainsails:

Touring Mainsail

Hyde Touring Mainsails are designed for coastal cruising. The fore and aft sails are cross cut  from a durable woven polyester which will give the sail a long useful life. The material is the best in the class of basic durable sailcloth. These sails are priced as our entry level specification but still made to the Hyde High standard of Quality.

Voyager Mainsail

The voyager mainsail is designed for those who go cruising but also participate in club and offshore races. The race mainsail is tri radial design in either a higher quality woven dacron, a cruising laminate or a performance race laminate. The voyager cruising mainsail is cross cut from a high quality , closely woven dacron.